Shambhala success, Heart Fest

Hooray! Shambhala was a blast. Many beautiful moments and connections, and I'm happy to report that the gallery showing at Bass Camp received many compliments, including from Chicago house OG Mark Farina, who popped in attracted by the very piece that subsequently sold on the Monday!

My largest framed piece, which I titled Bow Valley Divinorum, sold on Monday from Shambhala's Bass Camp art gallery.



This piece went home with a lovely couple to Seattle. :D

Next up is a grassroots festival just near Calgary called Heart Fest. It should serve as a perfect decompression from Shambhala, and lead me into a nice work grind over the rest of the season. Much love to everyone. I'm feeling inspired and switched on.

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Summer schedule! And project development.

This summer is shaping up to be very exciting for music performance. I've booked a couple of festivals and I'm so excited for this, especially for Astral Harvest, where I'll be doing opening ceremony, as well as a set each at Angelica's Basket, and Market stages.

I've added some instruments and systems to the music project, including two new steel tongues, and the TransTabla tuning system, which has proved to be a total game changer.

Videos to come in the not-too-distant future as well!

<3 bless.

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Website, and getting outthere!

Hey world uhhhh! So here are my creative outpourings for you to let get poured into you. I hope you enjoy the website and that it's easy to navigate and see my work. I'm focusing my energy on getting these creations out into the world, and I'm pretty unsure how to go about it, but here we go anyway. I'll try to keep this updated with musings and news...ings.